Bring the Magic of Epcot® Home With Glidden®

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The Colortopia exhibit from Glidden® is part of the Innoventions® pavilion at Epcot® in the Walt Disney World® Resort. It’s an interactive experience where you play with color in magical and totally unexpected ways. You can even unlock color palettes as you travel through the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot using the free Colortopia app.

And the fun doesn’t stop when you leave the park. Here at My Colortopia® we’re all about making painting fun, easy and rewarding—so you can bring the colors of the Walt Disney World Resort into your home.

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Ready to paint with the colors of Epcot®?

Glidden paint is available at Walmart®, The Home Depot® and other fine retailers.

Check out the posts below for inspiration to get started.

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Inspired by Epcot

Colors From Japan


There are many options for finding color inspiration for your home. You can find inspiration anywhere, even through travel or places you would love to go! Research different countries or cities you love. What are the colors of the landscape, the buildings or the cultural elements? Japan is a beautiful country to inspire the mood of your home.

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Colors From Canada


Decor inspiration from Canada abounds, stretching from British Columbia to Newfoundland—then northward to Northwest Territories and beyond. The colors are warm and rugged with a hint of coziness. The color inspiration from this palette comes from the mountain wilderness, evergreens, cabins along a lake, the majestic Rockies and bright pigments found in native artwork.

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Colors From Norway


I have Scandinavian ancestry, and I'm always drawn towards these warm shades. It's an interesting palette because it echoes the colors found in Norway's beautiful natural surroundings. I love how the neutrals echo earth and stone and how the accent colors remind me of wildflowers and berries. It's the perfect place to start for Norway paint inspiration.

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