May 4, 2015

A Subtle Hint of Color

Connie P Writes: Hi,   We will be getting some lovely white furniture from a friend; an entertainment center, books cases, etc... Right now, our walls are antique white (and all our old stuff is dark wood). I am ready for a change! What color should i paint my walls? My husband is pretty conservative so I don't think we can do any wild colors but what about a sand color... a light brown? We get a lot of natural light in this room, btw..... living room with big window.  Thanks in advance! Connie     See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
May 1, 2015

Turn to Gold

cynthia Writes: Hello, I've painted my dining room 35yy Prairie Grass Gold to match another paint in the room. Now I need to find a color for the living room.  I'm thinking something just a little lighter.  I got samples of Corn Silk but it's too light.  Fairest of Gold is a little too yellow to some who looked, and I’m looking for more of a medium gold with little yellow in it.   I tried some of your tools and saw some I thought might match such as Mayapple, Buttered Sweet Corn, and Costa Mesa yellow. I wanted to see what you would suggest.  I don't want it too light or too dark, so I think that I need a medium gold/yellow.  Thanks so much, Cynthia See Answer From Diane Henkler »
April 30, 2015

Keep It Simple

Excited but Lost Writes: I am in the process of building a new house where the kitchen, morning room and family room are open.  I am selecting white or light cream colored cabinets, dark chocolate hardwoods but can't decide on wall colors.  I will be stuck with a light beige until closing but would love advice on furniture selections, wall color or even kitchen granite, colors, etc. Thank you See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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April 29, 2015

Paulette Writes: I'm painting my apt. for the first time in 25yrs, and can't decide what colors to paint. How can I pick a color, when I have to be worried about which way my room faces, what kind of light bulbs I get, or if I want cool colors or warm colors? It's been a few months already and it's (I'm) driving my husband crazy. The living room in my apt. (which faces east) is 12' x 20' with a double window at the far end. I only get light in the morning, and then all afternoon I get a glare. It's cloudy every day.  The carpet (which I can't change at this time) is dusty pink with a turquoise pin dot. The furniture (which I just inherited) is dark brown leather. The dining area (which is really the foyer) is 8'7" x 14' 10" and is perpendicular to the living room. The far wall of the dining area is covered in mirror and reflects the glare from the living room window. The dining room continues into a long dark hallway to the apt. door, which has one light in the ceiling. The furniture in the dining room is a dark brown dining room table and curio and wood floors. First I thought of painting the dining room and the hallway the color turquoise from the dot in the carpet, and white molding at the ceiling, but then what color would I paint the living room? I was thinking tan might work. Please help me pick colors to bring the two rooms together and give my home a warm, inviting feel. Could you also help me pick what color the ceilings, as well as windows in the living room should be? I was thinking faux wood blinds and then curtains/drapes? Also, what kind of throw rug (moderately priced) could I put in the dining area? I need some guidance.   It been ages since I've entertained at home, and would like that to change. I hope you pick my letter to answer.  See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
April 29, 2015

Mike Writes: Hi. I've just tiled my small bathroom with nice sand marble colored tiles, but can't think of a nice shade to paint the walls. Also, the room doesn't receive much light. Can you suggest anything?    See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
April 17, 2015

Modern Elegance

anonymous Writes: I want to  redecorate a common room and I'm thinking burgundy as an accent wall I would like to add a touch of purple or pink without the room looking to clustered  and tacky,I want to create a captivating yet elegant atmosphere  do you think  help! See Answer From Diane Henkler »