July 12, 2016

The Magic of an Accent Color

Faith Writes: I have turquoise walls and am planning to have black and white furniture, a white bed and desk, black dresser and bookshelf. I have ruffled curtains and a matching bedspread.  I am trying to find accent pillows. I couldn't find the type I wanted in anything other than a pale pink. Would two or three pale pink pillows look odd or out of place? Would adding a few other light pink objects help? Or should I just stick with white and black and go find other pillows? See Answer From Diane Henkler »
July 13, 2016

A Paint Color to Complement Natural Stone

Tracy Writes: I have a bedroom which is about 13 x 20 feet. One wall is various colors of green natural stone and another wall is wood framed windows with off white blinds. The carpet is light green and off white. I would like to paint the other two walls, and I'm thinking of beige with green undertone.  What is your suggestion?                                                  See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
July 26, 2016

Tips to Help Choose Colors of Adjoining Rooms

Brandon Writes: My living room, dining room and kitchen are pretty open to each other in an L-like shape. Currently the kitchen is an orange tone that I really like and the other rooms are a boring white. We want to add some color to the other rooms, is it too much, if there are clear breaking points to have a different color in each room, as long as they complement each other?   See Answer From Theresa & Mark Clement »