March 17, 2014

Decorating to Sell

Sherie Writes: We are preparing to sell our rental house. We would like to paint the inside of the entire house. We want neutral but not boring. There is a chair railing in the dining room. Thinking about two different colors for that room. Carpet will be neutral as well. I would like suggestions. See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
April 15, 2014

Turquoise at the Office

Megan Writes: I will have a new office at work this summer. It is a small space with no windows. I am refinishing an old wood desk in a turquoise color. I want the office to feel warm and cozy. My style tends to be eclectic and retro mixed together. What color would you suggest I paint the walls? Three of the walls are cement block. Thank you. See Answer From Nicole Balch »
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July 31, 2014

Office Overhaul

Lana Writes: We want to do over our office with a vibrant red and another color. Most of the partitions are a steel grey color and the carpet is grey with some hints of brown. We are desperate for a change...can you help? See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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October 22, 2014

Cabinets in Camouflage

Theresa Writes: I am building a sewing/quilt studio.  It is rather small - about 12 x28 ft. I thought I would paint the walls Glidden Cool Cucumber or a similar shade. What other colors for the cabinets and trim would you suggest? Since this room is so small, I would like to make it look larger.     See Answer From Erika Ward »
October 27, 2014

Adding Color and Contrast

Brooke Writes: I am starting over in a new state with lots of sunlight, antique white furniture, cream floors, a brass bed, and a pale pink & white love seat. HELP! I am going for white plantation shutters, but what do I paint the walls?  I think I'd like to go bold. See Answer From Kate Riley »
November 3, 2014

Anything Goes

Suzette Writes: I was wondering if you have some paint color suggestions for my home office. It has no natural lighting and a stone accent wall. My husband is saying gray and I'm thinking neutral or earthy tones, but we?re not really sure which shade to go with. There will also be wood laminated flooring. Thank you! See Answer From Kate Riley »
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April 17, 2015

Cohesive Colors That Flow Room to Room

karah Writes: My husband and I are in the process in painting the first floor in our new home.  We have started by painting the office candlestick silver (1 window and sits below the formal living room).  From there, we are overwhelmed what colors to use for the formal living room {(1 door and 1window; doorway into the kitchen on one end and a doorway into the family room (4 windows in family room; 1 doorway to the formal living, 2 doorways to the entrway) on the other end)}which leads to the kitchen(bay window, 1door, and 1 window; 1 doorway to formal on 1 end and 1 doorway into dining room) .  From the kitchen leads to the dining room ( 4 windows; 1 doorway to kitchen and other doorway to the entryway). All rooms are long.  The floor plan is not open, hence all the doorways (but not closed off). We want the colors to flow well.  We had the idea to use fossil grey in the formal living room and deep iron creek in the family room.  Do these flow well?  What color should the kitchen be?  Help!  Completely overwhelmed!  See Answer From Diane Henkler »