January 11, 2012

Rule of Three

Andrea Writes: I have 6 really cool vintage yellow chairs and was wondering how to incorporate them into a stucco, Tuscan-style kitchen with otherwise neutral colors. See Answer From Ana White »
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January 20, 2012

If Painting an Accent Wall in a Room – What color do I paint the other 3 Walls?

Cyndy Writes: After 2 yrs of debating on kitchen color paint I decided to do one accent wall in dark persimmon (deep orange color) I have no idea what to do rest of kitchen.  White? Creme? Suggestions? Also, should the accent wall color go anywhere else? Soffit around cupboard area? See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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January 20, 2012

How Bold is Too Bold?

ashley Writes: Hi ladies! My kitchen is painted in a bright coral and I love it with my cream cabinets! The rest of my downstairs are different shades of khaki neutrals with soft blue and cream accents. My dining room is bold true green. I feel like the bright green and bright coral are too much together and have been considering painting the dining room to tone it down, but I really don't want to do a neutral in that room as well. I am not afraid of bold color, but I how bold is too bold? Thanks for your advice! See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
January 30, 2012

What is Blue, White and Pink All Over?

Kristie Leigh Writes: Hey! I'm in my first house (yay!) and I have this great idea for a theme for my kitchen but I'm a very visual person and I have trouble "seeing" all the decorating possibilities. I'm wanting to decorate the kitchen based on Monet's paintings mainly the watterlilly series. Any ideas on how to go about pulling inspiration from a painting?   See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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January 31, 2012

Take a Stand Against Tan

Michele Writes: Hello, I am wanting to "lighten" things up in my family room which is right off our kitchen. I am struggling with wall paint color...not sure if I go with the tan color you see everywhere or choose a creamy white. My kitchen is newly remodeled with white cabinets and walls and granite countertops in golds and brown. I have a large brown brick fireplace in the family room with mainly dark tones throughout, brown leather sofa and 2 multi colored recliners in brown and gold. The paneled walls are painted a golden den color...its feeling very dated! I have double french doors in the family room. I would appreciate any suggestions!! Thank you!!! See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
February 8, 2012

Pulling it All Together

Sara Writes: I recently painted gray in my livingroom and kitchen. Before that I had Maize-yellow.  I am struggling now to pull everything together.  I have tan carpet, golden oak (yuk) floor and trim, gray walls and red couch!  Help.  See Answer From Nicole Balch »
February 14, 2012

Know Where to Start

Pamela Writes: I am painting my kitchen, breakfast area and need advice on color.  The cabinets are a light oak with white countertops.  The appliances are white with some black(front of oven). The floor is tiled with a beige tile.  There is also a small powder room off the kitchen that needs painting. See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
February 28, 2012

Open Concept Dilemma

Lara Writes: We are having a hard time deciding on paint colors for our kitchen. The floor is oak, and so is the trim. The cupboards are a darker stain (not sure of the color). The kitchen opens up into the eat-in-kitchen and then extends into the living space, so essentially, one big open area. In the living room, we have one accent wall, which you can see directly from the kitchen, and it is a mocha color. Our couch is dark brown and our accents are soft orange and aquamarine.  In the eat-in-kitchen we have an indian teak table that is distressed. Flecks of cream and light blue pop through. We also have a chalkboard wall in the area. And we are stumped! Part of me wants to do a soft blue, but I think we'd end up hating it. If I go orange, I think it will be too dark. Please help! See Answer From Diane Henkler »
February 28, 2012

Beige Boredom

Leslie Writes: After 5 years with 2 kids & 3 dogs in a house with flat beige paint (builder beige), we are needing to repaint (ready for a change and needing a more cleanable paint finish). My colors (accents around the house) are aqua/turquoise & green. I would like to paint 2 rooms aqua/turquoise (thinking kitchen & dining room) but am having problems with deciding on a neutral. I would love to do grey in some areas but would also like some beige. Can I do 2 neutrals and if so, are there beiges that go with greys?   If doing these two neutrals is not the way to go, I am thinking grey might work better with my aqua room (we have an open floor plan where the living room & kitchen are pretty much the same room, the ceiling color would need to be the neutral that is in the living room because of the curved wall to ceiling) but maybe I'm totally wrong a beige would look better?? I need help!! :) See Answer From Kate Riley »
February 28, 2012

Kitchen Conundrum

Anonymous Writes: My kitchen desperately needs to be painted.  It is currently a sage green. The kitchen is fairly small with medium oak cabinets, beige counter tops and backsplash. The kitchen connects to our living and dining room which is a neutral beige color. Any suggestions on a fun color for the kitchen? See Answer From Kate Riley »
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March 2, 2012

Did You Say Avocado?

Sherri Writes: I need to paint my kitchen including the cabinets, but am stuck with avocado stovetop and backsplash. I am thinking about the rust oleum cabinet kit to paint the maple cabinets, what color should I do the cabinets and walls? See Answer From Ana White »
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March 6, 2012

How to Tie Rooms Together

Andrea Writes: I want to paint my walls in my living room and kitchen the same color because they flow together, the size of the living room is 21 ft x 16 ft and has 1 window and the kitchen is about the same size with 1 window over sink and 1 sliding glass door. I had three colors I was deciding from and those were tan, light gray, or lilac (between lavender and lilac) with white trim, I want it to feel warm, if you have a better idea with color let me know. I am having a hard time deciding. Please help!! I would like to go with black and white damask throw pillows and curtain panels. I have a white slipcovered couch and nutmeg wood floors. I also have a coffee table and end tables that I want to paint either black or white, which color do you think? My kitchen has a white dining table and china cabinet and is done in black and white toile. What color should I paint my walls to tie both rooms together and what color should I paint the coffee table and end tables? Thank you so much for your help!! See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
March 8, 2012

Mixing Neutrals in the Kitchen

Beverly Writes: About 2 yrs ago, I redid our kitchen cabinets - painted a light cream color; inset doors; chicken wire on one set. I have an area that I want more 'cabinet' space, but have opted to go with the open shelve style that is popular now. I haven't made them yet, but soon.   My question/dilemma, currently the walls are a light blue with a large border on the lower portion of the wall that looks like a picket fence.  I want to repaint, but don't really know what color to go with since the cabinets are the light cream. I didn't feel white would work since our cabinets are cream. I have white appliances. Over 10 yrs ago we added a dining room on the back, so that makes the kitchen in the middle of the house, so it's hard to brighten it. Whatever color I do the kitchen, I will need to carry it into the dining room. The majority of our decor is country/antique.   See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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March 9, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Paint - What Color?

CC Writes: I currently have honey colored oak cabinets, which are starting to turn a hue of yellow. I'm looking at painting my cabinets, but I'm not sure what color. My appliances are currently white and I do not see changing them out as we plan on selling our starter home in 2-5 years. I'm afraid white cabinets or off white will create a too white appearance. I also think it would be difficult to match the white of the appliances with a latex paint for the cabinets.  I'm also afraid the off white will make them look dirty compared to the bright white appliances. I have read about mixing clear glaze with a dark brown latex paint, which is my favorite option. However I have read a few interior designer blogs stating the dark cabinets are not popular anymore.    I have bronze lighting fixtures and my tile is sand color as well as my counter tops in case this helps in determining a cabinet color. I have not painted the walls or installed the tile backsplash as I'm waiting to decide the cabinet color, so any color ideas would also be appreciated! See Answer From Kate Riley »
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March 22, 2012

Kitchen Color Question

JK Writes: I am really wanting to re-paint my kitchen, but not sure what color to do. Right now it is a medium tan with white cabinets and sand colored tile and countertops. I am not really a beige/tan person, but the tile and countertops are fairly new and in good shape, so replacing them is out.   I love bright colors, and I have red accents throughout the kitchen - pot rack, wire baskets, trays, etc. I would probably have gone with red for the wall color, but my dining room is soft green and the living room next to that is aqua blue. It's a pretty small room and only has one window...I've seen a lot of white kitchens recently, but not sure what color to go with, and would I paint the cabinets the same? See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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April 2, 2012

No More Knotty Pine!

Kate Writes: I'd like to paint my kitchen cabinets... I can't afford to replace them, but the knotty alder look is not for me. I want to go with either white or gray, but I'm afraid that they'll look weird if I paint over the knots. Any suggestions? See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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April 2, 2012

Joining Disjointed Colors

Juli Writes: I’m in a new-to-me house and unable to change the bones of the kitchen, so would like to find a paint color that will tie some very disjointed (to me) things together. There are light brown maple cabinets, a grey corian countertop, pink backsplash tile (which I’m willing to paint over...and hopefully one day remove), and stainless appliances.  The rest of the house is mostly in SW Kilim Beige & Latte, with lots of black, green & red furniture/accents.  Would you share your recommendation for a color that can tie it all together? See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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April 23, 2012

Knotty Pine Kitchen Colors

June Writes: What color countertop and backsplash would look good with my knotty pine walls and cabinets? See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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April 25, 2012

Terracotta Floors

Michele Writes: My kitchen has terracotta floors, and currently the walls are also a terracotta color. I'd love to make a change, but what would be a good wall color to go with such a bold floor? See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
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