February 2, 2012

Rustic, Warm, and Woodsy

Lauralee Writes: We just recently painted our living room with SW Windsor Greige which we really like (although some people think it's a shade of green!).   Unfortunately, our new sofa is right up against the wall and it seems to just melt into the wall because it's also a very light neutral shade.  I was thinking about painting that sofa wall a contrasting color in order for the sofa to stand out.   Our home is rustic with pine flooring and medium stained wood trim and baseboards.  The room is approximately 12' x 15' and has 4 "regular" sized windows (2 facing southeast and 2 facing southwest on either side of the fireplace) and one large picture window facing northwest.  The room gets a lot of afternoon light.  The fireplace (which is opposite the sofa) is constructed of brick salvaged from an old building in town that was torn down and has a piece of cedar for a mantle.  The windows have valance-type curtains made with Waverly Magic Carpet Spice (    What are some complementary colors for Windsor Greige that we paint that sofa wall?  I was thinking about green or blue shades (or blue/green).  Any ideas or suggestions?   Thanks so much in advance!! See Answer From Diane Henkler »
February 2, 2012

Blending Colors

Anonymous Writes: I just redid my master bath in cremes and grey tones and am in process of redoing my master bedroom to tie in. I would love to bring a little blue and green in the mix. My master is off of the main floor of my home which is in more neutrals(browns/golds/coppery orange tones). Would the blue/green be too much of a change off of that space? I am guessing you will advise, to either bring some blue/green into living space, or possibly some of the orangey tones into the Master bedroom. I am very tired of the earthy neutral palette and would really like to lean more towards the greys, whites, blues and greens!  See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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February 3, 2012

Timeless and Pretty in Porcelain Blue

Traci Writes: I'm looking for a blue/green paint that would look fabulous with the pottery barn matine toile quilt in porcelain blue. Any suggestions?  Also, what are some of  your favorite whites for trim? I'm looking for a warm white. Thanks See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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February 3, 2012

Love Your Laundry Room

Anonymous Writes: I've recently painted my laundry room cabinets bright cherry red and I love them.  However they are fighting with the space.  It's a tiny room 5'6" x 8' with a door on both 5' walls.  On one 8' wall is the washer and dryer and the red cabinets on the other is an antique fridge and hot water tank.  I am completely stumped on what colors to paint the walls.  I've picked out a fun rug and was trying to draw inspiration from it.  The blue color makes it look like a Red, White and Blue theme.  The white is turning pink from the reflection of the cabinets with the lights (no windows in this tiny room).  I'm afraid green would feel Christmas like.  I need a wall color suggestion to make my cabinets the show of the room and to make the walls tie everything together.  My woodwork and both door are SW Dover White.  Here's a picture of the inspiration rug from Urban Outfitters.  See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
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February 8, 2012

Creating Contrast

D. Writes: I would like to contrast a few walls,  the dining room, living room and maybe the master bedroom. The walls are all one color right now... a medium beige with a yellow tint. First, I'm not sure how to select the walls to contrast. The living and dining room are side by side. I'm thinking of colors in the green family for the living and dining room. Secondly, should the colors be the same since the room are side by side? Lastly, will contrasting some of the walls in your home make the house look unbalanced?  Need your help really bad.   See Answer From Nicole Balch »
February 8, 2012

Open Floor Plan Dilemma

Laura Writes: I'm moving into a new condo with an open floor plan and agonizing about paint colors. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all one big room. I'm looking for a neutral paint color for the walls. I'm thinking of going to the beige/tan route, but I want to make sure the color is warm, not too dark, and doesn't look the color every landlord paints apartments. I have eastern exposure and 9 foot ceilings. Any suggestions? Do you think i should veer from the beige/tan color palette?   Thanks! See Answer From Kate Riley »
February 8, 2012

Pulling it All Together

Sara Writes: I recently painted gray in my livingroom and kitchen. Before that I had Maize-yellow.  I am struggling now to pull everything together.  I have tan carpet, golden oak (yuk) floor and trim, gray walls and red couch!  Help.  See Answer From Nicole Balch »
February 8, 2012

Clashing Shoes

Jennie Writes: I have a golden oak piano and sage green couch that i kind of have to work with...I of course would love all new everything to go with colors I like but not yet. So, I am having the hardest time thinking of how to redo my living room with this ugly oak colored piano...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do you have some suggestions? I am so frustrated with this room. I don't have a picture currently but can take one if needed.  Please help me get started... See Answer From Ana White »
February 9, 2012

Basement Beginnings

Shauna Writes: I'm trying to come up with a new color scheme for my basement family room. There are NO windows and the overhead lighting is flourescent lighting like you see in office buildings. We have a medium beige/tan microfiber sectional couch and the carpet is that kind of generic light taupe color. The basement has low ceilings and with no natural light, it tends to feel a little closed in, but when the walls were white, it feels very sterile with the overhead flourescent lighting. This is the room where we spend the majority of our time as a family (TV room), so I would like it to feel very homey and comfortable. See Answer From Kate Riley »
February 13, 2012

Adding Some Style to a Former Bachelor's Bedroom

Anonymous Writes: Hi, I am trying to redecorate my boyfriend's room which is just an utter disaster. I got him a solid black duvet set and re-stained a simple desk in Ebony (Minwax stain). But other than that, there are white walls and I'm completely lost as to what colors to use to with this black and just make this room feel more warm and comfy. What colors should I add? Thank you! See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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February 14, 2012

Olive Love

Mollie Writes: I used My Colortopia and got some colors I really like. The great thing about the internet is you can Google your color and see someone who has put it up in their house, but of course, I can't find mine!  I'm looking for a picture using Dark Olive 40YY 08/107. Do you have any pictures using that color (it paired it with soothing green tea 70YY 55/299, which I found, but would love to see them together) Thank you! See Answer From Diane Henkler »
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February 16, 2012

Rehabbing a Dated Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Melissa Writes: We have a small, windowless bathroom in our basement. It's primarily used for overnight guests (a few times a year) and when we're playing in the basement.  The problems: no windows, existing tile with teal accent tiles, green carpet in the bathroom, VERY limited budget.  I just ripped out the carpet and pad, removed the tack strip, and then painted a coat of white on the concrete slab.  The existing tile needs to stay for now, due to budget restrictions, but here are my questions: 1. What would be a good, cheap flooring option? I feel like any tile, or tile looking vinyl, would look strange next to the existing tile. 2. In decorating, do I ignore the teal tile, or work with it? There are a few more bathroom pictures here: Thanks so much for your help!! Melissa   See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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February 17, 2012

Highlighting a Coffered Ceiling

Beth Writes: Need master bedroom advice! We have a ceiling coffer with molding and don’t know how to paint it or the bedroom. Everything is soft white now. 4 windows on right wall (2 floor to ceiling, wall then 2 more); back wall right corner one floor to ceiling 5' window; left wall door to bathroom/bedroom on wall; front wall door to bedroom windows have soft white shutters.  No molding on ceiling. Master bath painted beige with white trim. Coffer painted beige on sides but white on ceiling and molding. Room colors all white or beige (with red accents on pillows and blanket) and wood furniture.   See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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February 21, 2012

Living in a Tree House

Gina Writes: Color choices are usually easy for me, but I'm scared of this one and am driving myself crazy. I live in what seems like a tree house. I'd like to bring some of the greens from the trees inside. I have fairly high ceilings, lots of windows and great views. I would like to paint the ceiling "Zen Mist" but then I'm stuck on the wall color. I want it to be warm. HELP See Answer From Nicole Balch »
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February 24, 2012

Trouble with Trim

Susan Writes: We have a 30+ year old house with walnut stained trim that is nicked, dinged, and messed up with some paint drippings. We are trying to give the house a facelift in anticipation of putting it on the market in a couple of years. We need some ideas about what to do with the trim. We have considered painting it in the same family as the wall color, paint it white in some of the rooms and leave it stained in others, or replace it with new molding and stain it again. Your thoughts? Thanks, Susan See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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February 27, 2012

Keep Paint Colors Fresh & Clean

Camilla Writes: I am helping a friend select an updated paint colors for his home he is readying for sale. He can only afford to do two to three rooms. Which three rooms should he focus his efforts on and what are universally pleasing colors that would appeal to potential buyers? We live in the Pacific NW. See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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February 28, 2012

Open Concept Dilemma

Lara Writes: We are having a hard time deciding on paint colors for our kitchen. The floor is oak, and so is the trim. The cupboards are a darker stain (not sure of the color). The kitchen opens up into the eat-in-kitchen and then extends into the living space, so essentially, one big open area. In the living room, we have one accent wall, which you can see directly from the kitchen, and it is a mocha color. Our couch is dark brown and our accents are soft orange and aquamarine.  In the eat-in-kitchen we have an indian teak table that is distressed. Flecks of cream and light blue pop through. We also have a chalkboard wall in the area. And we are stumped! Part of me wants to do a soft blue, but I think we'd end up hating it. If I go orange, I think it will be too dark. Please help! See Answer From Diane Henkler »
February 28, 2012

Beige Boredom

Leslie Writes: After 5 years with 2 kids & 3 dogs in a house with flat beige paint (builder beige), we are needing to repaint (ready for a change and needing a more cleanable paint finish). My colors (accents around the house) are aqua/turquoise & green. I would like to paint 2 rooms aqua/turquoise (thinking kitchen & dining room) but am having problems with deciding on a neutral. I would love to do grey in some areas but would also like some beige. Can I do 2 neutrals and if so, are there beiges that go with greys?   If doing these two neutrals is not the way to go, I am thinking grey might work better with my aqua room (we have an open floor plan where the living room & kitchen are pretty much the same room, the ceiling color would need to be the neutral that is in the living room because of the curved wall to ceiling) but maybe I'm totally wrong a beige would look better?? I need help!! :) See Answer From Kate Riley »
February 28, 2012

Keeping the Balance

Chrissy Writes: I read your blog on how to choose paint with an open floor plan. I am still confused with my own situation! I have chosen red and gray as my accent colors. My neutral shades are a beigey gold color. When you walk into my house you walk into a foyer with a neutral palette and then to the right is my red dining room and to the left is my living room. My kitchen is visible from my dining room which is painted slate gray with white cabinets. I really don't know what color to paint my living room! I am at a loss! Should it be a bold color or play off the neutrals?  See Answer From Diane Henkler »
February 28, 2012

Kitchen Conundrum

Anonymous Writes: My kitchen desperately needs to be painted.  It is currently a sage green. The kitchen is fairly small with medium oak cabinets, beige counter tops and backsplash. The kitchen connects to our living and dining room which is a neutral beige color. Any suggestions on a fun color for the kitchen? See Answer From Kate Riley »
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