October 23rd, 2012

Bringing Bold Style to a Playroom

At the beginning of the summer, my kids’ playroom sat at the top of my list of bland, colorless rooms that I wanted to update.


Shortly after we moved into this house, I spent a little time “decorating”—and I use that term loosely—the playroom. I figured out how to paint a laminate armoire that had been in my son’s nursery, hung some curtains, and tried to pretty up the ugly recliner that was then too comfortable to let go.



The “before” was fine for my kids and they played happily enough in there, but they spend so much time in the room that I thought it needed to feel like a fun and happy place. The earth tones just weren’t giving it that vibe.


I began by painting the ceilings and walls a bright white, which I call “Lindsay White.” It’s actually a gallon of Glidden Ultra White paint straight off the shelf that I then ask the paint counter to add 1 oz. of white pigment to (instead of selecting a color from the color chips). The result is the brightest, crispest white you’ve ever seen. It brightened up the room tenfold.


The next thing I did was add stripes to two walls and paint the other wall a wonderful teal (the room is lofted, so there are only three walls). For that, I used Glidden’s Peacock Blue. The color is definitely not a wallflower, but as my fellow Colortopia Team member Melissa Michaels told me recently, I generally “go bold or go home.”


I added a line of bookcases on the solid color wall to provide extra storage. I bought a sofa and a fun rocker for seating, changed the light fixture, and added a DIY vintage-inspired carnival sign over a piece of furniture painted cobalt blue.



Now, the playroom is multipurpose. There’s a place for my husband and I to sit with our kids while they play. There’s a place for them to watch a movie. And as they grow older, it will feel more like a retreat and less like a playroom.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—color can usher in a dramatic change for a room. Take a chance and go bold.