November 12th, 2015

Colors From Japan


The new Colortopia™ exhibit from Glidden® is an interactive color experience at Epcot® in the Walt Disney World® Resort. We’re celebrating its November 13th opening with a series of posts inspired by the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot.

There are many options for finding color inspiration for your home. You can find inspiration anywhere, even through travel or places you would love to go! Research different countries or cities you love. What are the colors of the landscape, the buildings or the cultural elements? Japan is a beautiful country to inspire the mood of your home.

The paint colors you select will likely be one of the most important elements of your room’s décor and resulting ambiance of the space. Each color tone and variation (as well as which surfaces you select for each color) can alter the room, so paying attention to that mood is important.

The muted tones of the Glidden palette inspired by Japan evokes an atmosphere of serenity and balance.


Color Scheme Colors of Japan


Selecting a beautiful palette of bolder and softer browns and blues can offer inspiration for the entire house. Let the colors flow to bring unity to your color palette, but select different combinations to tell a unique story in each space. In each room the tones can be used in different ways to create a statement. For example, try using Rich Navy on the wall for a bold striking backdrop, and surround it with softer colors. Or, opt for Stone White or Dove White on the walls to create a softer ambiance, and add pops of bolder colors in small doses.

Mix and match the colors of your palette through wall paint, ceiling paint and painted pieces throughout your home. The colors can also be represented by wood floors, cabinetry and other natural elements. Pops of colors like Bright Cornflower Blue enliven the mood. The result of your colors flowing throughout the home will be a harmonious ambiance and a serene space!

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