November 16th, 2015

Colors From China


The new Colortopia™ exhibit from Glidden® is an interactive color experience at Epcot® in the Walt Disney World® Resort. We’re celebrating its November 13th opening with a series of posts inspired by the World Showcase pavilions at Epcot.

With its rich history and stunning culture, China is a great source for decorating ideas and Chinese paint inspiration. My favorite aspect of this China-inspired palette is the mix of multiple neutrals with rich, saturated, deep color. The many neutrals echo the subtle contrasts in Chinese porcelain. The rich, saturated colors evoke the deep shades in Chinese art. For example, this red bureau would provide a nice accent to an otherwise neutral décor (though it also looks fabulous in this-high impact red room).


Try using a saturated color like this deep Chinese red to provide a strong accent.

Photo via Martha Stewart

The rich red makes a great contrast to a more neutral room. And that’s my first tip: try using these deep colors as accents in neutral rooms. Some Glidden colors you might consider: Wood Thrush Gold, Misty Emerald Lake and Blue-Grey Slate.

What more inspiration can we find in this palette? Like the country, the options are vast.

Chinese porcelain often has a deep, glossy coat over rich colors. You might consider taking inspiration from those finishes: don’t be afraid to choose one of the white neutrals (like Drifting Snow or Raindrop White) in the palette to create a statement wall. You can mix finishes for a sophisticated effect. You might mix eggshell finish and gloss finish Glidden DUO paint + primer to produce an effect like this:


Try adding visual interest to a neutral wall by mixing paint finishes


In this house, they’ve mixed paint finishes to add interest to a neutral wall.

I love exploring this palette; it speaks of China’s sophistication and its rural scenes. It evokes its royal dynasties and its natural beauty. It is drawn from its centuries of tradition. The China palette mixes history with future to provide some colors you may not have considered at first—but that are equally at home in modern and traditional settings.

I love the subtlety of those mixed finishes, but also don’t be afraid to try mixing two or three of the more neutral colors. The subtle color combinations are at home with many other combinations, and you can change your accent colors more easily with a mix of neturals to anchor your room’s décor.

For example, you may try mixing white (like Dove White), grey (like Universal Grey) and gold (like Wood Thrush Gold) for an elegant look. You don’t have to use the traditional red and black combination, which can be a little heavy (especially in small rooms). It looks best on painted accent pieces like furniture or frames.

Besides those mentioned above, consider these fabulous Glidden colors for your China-inspired room:

Natural Wicker

Water Chestnut

Dusty Miller

Antique White

Mild Wind Blue

Parchment White

Jefferson House Tan

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