December 1st, 2016

Winter Inspired Gray Paint Colors


Winter is just around the corner and with it comes a less colorful outdoor scene. A neutral landscape appears outside the window to reveal the earth’s natural tones. Gray paint used indoors helps to capture the same sophisticated look found in a winter inspired palette.

During the holidays, so many businesses decorate with flashy colors that it’s nice to return home to a more comforting tone-on-tone neutral scheme. Decorating with textures and gray tones layered with snow inspired whites guarantees a soothing aesthetic.

darker grey

In January and February in the great outdoors the landscape still remains neutral. Nature lies dormant and is at rest in winter until it gets busy blooming again in spring. Using gray paint in your interiors reflects that same winter calm indoors.

Gray painted walls and furniture in bedrooms are a timeless choice and will be stylish year round, not just in winter. Layers of cozy neutral bedding that keep you warm in cold months can be replaced with more colorful linens in summer when we all crave more color. In those warmer months, gray painted walls and furniture are equally as versatile, in summer they feel cool and fresh.

grey bedroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are two other community spaces that will always feel sophisticated with a neutral backdrop. Gray painted walls are a perfect complement to timeless marble backsplashes and contemporary quartz countertops.


grey bathroom paint

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