November 21st, 2016

Unexpected Places to Paint



When we think of places to paint in our homes, our thoughts usually go to walls, ceilings and furniture. Painting these always makes a huge impact in a space and enhancing decor, but don’t stop once these places are painted. Look around your home for other areas to paint and add more color all around your home.

Some of my favorite places to paint are small and hidden. Painting small areas is a perfect way to use up leftover paint.


Paint inside a cabinet


Why not paint?….

…the inside of a cabinet for a surprise pop of color. Take it up a notch and stencil a pattern instead of painting a solid color.


Paint the walls in a garage


Paint your garage. Garages and basements often are the most neglected. spaces in our homes.


Painting a garage


Roll on a few coats of paint in your favorite color to make a dramatic difference.


Paint a floor


If you are tired of wall to wall carpeting, remove it and paint the sub floor. This works well for a fitness and craft rooms in a home.


Paint open shelf backdrops


Paint the backdrop in open shelving.


Paint the inside of a drawer


Paint the inside of your drawers. Seeing the unexpected color is sure to brighten your day.

More places to paint ideas:

  • Paint the inside of a lampshade with glossy paint in a favorite color. When the light is on, the color will be reflected into the room.
  • Paint the inside of closet in a bold color.
  • Paint the handles of your mops and brooms. Seeing a fun color may make you begin to enjoy cleaning your house.
  • Mix the paint with fabric medium and paint an old upholstered chair to revive it.

Can you think of any unexpected places to paint in your home?



This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.



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