August 2nd, 2013

Tropical Paint Colors

We had the good fortune to travel to Hawaii in the spring and I left filled with the inspiration that comes from colors found in paradise. Tropical paint colors are a natural jumping off point from the botanicals, fruits, and prints that surround you on the islands.

Pull inspiration from the aloha prints that are a tradition in Hawaii and the casual flip flops seen on every local’s feet. The botanicals put on a show on every blooming bush and shrub, hibiscus, ginger, and plumeriaall wear vibrant shades of pink and red.

Paint colors: Red Geranium, Very Berry, Watermelon Smoothie, Sexy Pink

Yellow is everywhere on a tropical island, with healthy pineapple and banana a staple of the diet and grown in abundance. Incorporate its sweetness into your home with various shades of this cheerful hue—look to textiles, accessories, and of course paint to layer yellow throughout your abode

Paint colors: Dazzling Daffodil, Fresh Pineapple, Goldenrod, Sunflower

The color that competes with ocean blue for attention in the tropics is the color of nature: green. Palm trees, leaves, and ferns thrive in a climate that fluctuates between bright sunshine and tropical mist. Prints and paints mimic the verdant hue of the rainforest.

Paint colors: Fresh Guacamole, Truly Olive, Rainforest Fern, Forest Green

Surrounded by the beautiful ocean, islands can’t help but be influenced by all shades of blue which repeat the hues of cool, clear water. Blue continues to be the most popular color to decorate with for its calm and soothing qualities.

Paint colors: Bermuda Bay, Blue Marina, Cool Cobalt, Nautical Blue

All of this tropical inspiration makes me want to return to the islands as soon as possible. Until that day, we can all be inspired by the bright colors of paradise and bring them into our homes in doses large and small with the help of Glidden paint!