September 10th, 2015

How to Remodel a Kitchen With Built-In Cabinets

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Adding stylish built-in cabinets transforms the look and function of your kitchen.

They say you can’t have too much storage space. Perhaps that is true, but the number of cabinets you add is less important than their functionality—focus on cabinets that maximize the style and storage space in your kitchen. The beauty of adding new built-in cabinets to your layout is you’ll save money on a complete remodel, while increasing the flow of your space.

built in cabinets kitchen remodel

Photo via The Inspired Room (for a similar look, try Shaded Fern by Glidden paint)

When I remodeled my kitchen a few years ago, I installed two brand new banks of cabinets—each containing three drawers. By removing an inefficient breakfast bar, I increased storage space and the length of my new counter top with my newly-installed built-in cabinets. That simple change transformed the feel and function of my kitchen, creating the perfect space for dishes and a coffee station. The new and existing cabinets were tied together with paint in same hue.

built in cabinets for kitchen

Photo via BHG (for a similar look, try Marshmallow White by Glidden paint)

You can add built-in cabinets to store dishes, create a baking center, accommodate a beverage center, hold cookbooks, make room for pots and pans or even to make space for an office area.

You can also add new base cabinets or install over-the-counter upper cabinets. Consider using standard base cabinets to create a kitchen island and trim it out with molding to finish the look.

built in cabinets

Photo via BHG (for a similar look, try Pacific Khaki by Glidden paint)

What is your biggest storage or aesthetic need in your kitchen? Think creatively about how cabinets could solve your problems. You can add built-in cabinets to create a banquette for your table or to conceal a washer and dryer.

If you have a small kitchen, replacing existing cramped cabinetry with better-quality built-in cabinets and drawers maximizes your space.

Paint color built in cabinets on island

Photo via BHG (for a similar look, try Spring Green by Glidden paint)

Paint colors can set apart the look of existing or new cabinets. Using an accent color on the backs of open shelving or selecting two color tones for cabinetry or an island will set your kitchen apart.

How could new built-in cabinets transform your kitchen?

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