January 22nd, 2013

Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Decor


Step into any home decorating or craft store in mid-July, and you’ll get the sense that the Christmas season is already upon us. Retailers can’t wait for us to get in the spendy holiday mood. In fact, there’s even one store in my town that puts out aisles and aisles of lighted garland, ornaments, and artificial Christmas trees as soon as we are finished dying Easter eggs. I kid you not!


Seasonal decorating brings a lot of pressure for us crafty and decorating-obsessed types. I go all out in decorating my home for Christmas, but the rest of the poor holidays generally get snubbed. I love decorating my home for our everyday lives, but I don’t like to put an incredible amount of time into seasonal decorating that comes down faster than the time it took to go up. Call me crazy (or even lazy), but that’s just the way it goes at my house.


Since my kids are enamored with Valentine’s Day this year (I think it’s because of all the treats they’ll receive at school!), I thought I’d try my hand at some quick and easy decorating. I figured that as long as it took me little money and under an hour to put together, I could handle it. I also loved the thought of adding a little Valentine’s Day color into my home without having to change out throw pillows.


I started with some pretty scrapbook paper I found at the craft store. I folded it and cut hearts out by hand, just like we did in elementary school. They ended up being all different shapes and sizes, and I really liked the handmade look of them.




Next, I broke out my trusty glue gun and glued some of my hearts onto a long length of ivory ribbon. I glued the top 1/3 of the heart to the ribbon so that they wouldn’t be top heavy and flip over once I hung the ribbon like a garland.


Once the glue cooled, I hung the garland from a large leaning mirror I have in my bedroom. I simply secured it to the back of the mirror with transparent tape. Easy, right? I swagged a few more ribbons in Valentine colors across the mirror. The look is definitely more funky than the typical Valentine’s Day decorations that you see in stores, but it’s such a fun change from the usual. It looks like a little party right there in my house.



With the success of the mirror, I decided that my silver antler mount needed some fun, too. I took the left over ribbon from the spools I used on my mirror and looped them around the antlers. I also glued two pink glittered cardstock hearts onto the bottom of one of the ribbons for a fun little surprise.



With some ribbon and paper, I was able to add some Valentine fun to my bedroom with a minimal investment in cost and time. Now that’s my kind of seasonal decorating!

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