January 29th, 2013

New Year, New House (without moving!)

Last year I had a fairly ambitious goal for my home. In fact, it was such a big goal I decided to call it a “home dream” because I didn’t really think I could accomplish it all in one year.


What was it?


I wanted to give my house an all-over makeover. Kind of like those home makeover shows, but with a significantly lower budget and a longer period of time to accomplish it! We had lived in our home for three years at that point and the truth is, we had just been too busy to focus on getting our home in shape. There is a time and a season for everything, and we were finally ready to be in a season of home improvement. I wanted to rethink how we were using the space we had and how I could improve or update our rooms so that we would finally feel like our home reflected our style and family.


While we had decorated or painted rooms here and there over the years, some things had fallen into a bit of disrepair or needed a little extra attention (drywall needed repair, carpet was stained and dirty from a new puppy, and various rooms needed a fresh coat of paint). Even though our house was new when we moved in, life can be hard on a house and the quality of new construction isn’t always designed to last forever.


I wanted to think through what I wanted our house to feel like, how the rooms would flow together color-wise, what we could do to improve the function, and how to rid ourselves of things that weren’t attractive or useful.


With those goals in mind, I was really curious how much I could accomplish in one year. I started by rethinking how we would use our space and beginning the process of reorganizing rooms, followed by removing old yucky carpet, installing new hardwood floors, a kitchen makeover, and repainting walls throughout our home.


Now that I’m looking back at it, I’m still astounded how much we were able to complete last year! Our house is looking so much better than those before pictures (after pictures are almost done and I’ll be sharing many of the makeovers and projects this year). We feel so much better about how our home functions, too.


Now I am ready and inspired to set new home goals for 2013.


If you set your mind to it, you might make more progress on your home than you realize is possible! But you don’t have to go crazy like I did and work on your whole house at once, you can choose even just one room and give it a makeover this year.


What are your goals for home improvement this year?