December 19th, 2012

My New Laundry Room

My husband and I are avid DIYers, but when it came time to remodel our scary basement, we hired a contractor. The transformation from unfinished basement to cute laundry room was pretty incredible! Walls went up, new tile went down, and we swapped out the back door (which leads to the yard) for something that didn’t rely on a 2×4 across it to stay closed.



Still, even after all of the heavy lifting and crazy amount of work that went into creating a laundry room, it was paint that really finished the project and made it feel like part of our home. The walls got a soft blue, and I chose a brighter aqua for the door. (Try White Lagoon with Tropical Lagoon to get the same look!)


Here’s the room from the other side. We kept the swing door to the room white to match the rest of the trim. One colorful door felt like enough!



As I said when we finished the project, it’s nice to have a non-scary place to do laundry.