March 15th, 2016

Mint, Black & Gold: Non-Traditional Neutral Baby Colors

All photos via Project Nursery

Finding out that you are expecting a new baby is one of the most joyful moments in life. One of my favorite people in the world experienced that joy a few months ago, and our talk has recently turned to figuring out a good palette of neutral baby colors for the nursery.

When I was expecting my second child, I decided to decorate the nursery in neutral baby colors and then add in little splashes of pink or blue. My baby was a girl so the nursery ended up having a little bit of pink, but the primary colors I used in the room were similar to Glidden’s Natural Wicker and Swan White. This neutral beige and off-white are a nice serene background for the sweet pink.

But choosing neutral baby colors doesn’t have to mean choosing beige and white. There are many other options! Right now, my favorite pallette involves a combination of black, mint, white and gold. This color combination is clean, modern and very on-trend.

neutral nursery

This is such an easy palette! You can paint your walls in a nice, bright shade of white like Marshmallow White. Pick up some paint in Deep Onyx and paint triangles on one wall—or even stripes or dots. If black seems too stark for you, try a grey like Elegant Charcoal or a mint like Frosty Mint.

neutral baby colors

Accessories here will be fun! If you choose mint crib bedding, the rest of it just falls into place. Gold and black accents are hugely popular right now, so it will be easy to find some good options in discount and home decor stores.

But the really great thing about choosing neutral baby colors for a nursery is that they can transition to a “big kid” room with ease. In Emma’s room, I was able to completely redo her room without having to repaint her walls at all. What a great feeling that was.

Have fun with your nursery and think beyond traditionally neutral colors. Your baby will love having in an interesting room with contrasting colors to look at… and you will love spending time with him or her in such a beautiful room.


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