December 16th, 2015

Festive Kitchen Inspiration From Christmas Cookies


You’ve seen rooms that draw inspiration from fashion, right? How about from cooking? Well, I’m taking festive kitchen inspiration from Christmas cookies. Yes, you read that correctly!

Drawing from a palette of cream, brown and red, I’ve come up with a kitchen design that would be the perfect setting for baking all kinds of goodies. Of course, it works year-round, too.

Festive Kitchen Inspiration from Christmas Cookies

  1. Hang a trio of wreaths in the window for a festive touch. The red ribbons are perfect here—a subtle way to hang them and bring in more color.
  2. I found my inspiration for this kitchen in Scandanavian Christmas cookies, from the cutest gingerbread houses to snowflake-dusted brownies and cookies with lingonberry hearts.
  3. Of course you need a great stand mixer to whip up all those Christmas cookies, and what better color than red?
  4. Glidden’s Antique White paint on the walls is a warm neutral that’s perfect for a bright yet cozy kitchen. It doesn’t command too much attention, but plays nicely with all of the other elements.
  5. Bring in another pop of red and reference the season with a snowflake printed dish towel. Helpful for drying the dishes and decorating the kitchen at the same time!
  6. AGA stoves bring to mind tradition and togetherness. Generations of family and friends, gathered in the kitchen to cook recipes old and new.
  7. Simple, unpainted wood cabinets pair perfectly with the AGA. Nothing fussy or trendy, but good, honest materials in a classic style.

Fun, right? I’ll never look at baked goods the same way again.


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.

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