March 7th, 2013

Decorative Apothecary Jars 5 Ways

I’ve been collecting decorative apothecary jars for years because they’re so incredibly versatile around the house. It began with a small curvy jar that I bought years ago for simple cotton balls in the bathroom, and I still use it for that purpose to this day. Nestled among other clear vessels, daily grooming supplies are contained in a clean and classic way.






















Over the years I’ve gotten creative with other versions of decorative apothecary jars for unconventional storage. Stacked jars with nostalgic black and white images are great for holding jewelery, and look beautiful displayed on a bookshelf, vanity, or dresser.

Decorative apothecary jars are equally useful around the house: fill them with sand, shells, river rocks, or matchbooks from your travels. You can even display seasonally inspired collections from your nature walks, such as pine cones or driftwood.

Recently I’ve been using bowl-shaped decorative apothecary jars as terrariums. Set the lid aside and nestle low-maintenance succulents among soil and moss. A few drops of water per week is all that is necessary to have a miniature garden that brings the outdoors into your home.

Filling up decorative apothecary jars with sparkling ornaments for an effortless presentation means easy decorating for the holidays.

Apothecary jars are readily available from many online retailers. I’ve purchased discounted versions in craft stores too. Next time you’re doing any organizing around the house, consider decorative apothecary jars for creatively storing life’s little necessities—from your laundry room clothespins and your crafting supplies, to brightly colored candy at your next party.

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