December 7th, 2016

2 DIY projects from 1 set of dining room chairs

Hers & His pallet DIY projects: We upcycled old dining room chairs into benches

His & Hers upcycle benches with paint and pallets

Theresa’s pallet ideas are always more awesome than I think they’ll be. For this pair of DIY projects, she re-imagined two extra-boring chairs into exciting Hers and His benches.

The first step is to match the angle of your chair’s seat (if it has one) and choose an overhang. We used a scrap of pallet wood to set our overhang. Note: you only need to do this for the first piece. More on this below.

Trace the angle of the seat on the first piece.
We used our miter saw to cut the angle.

Match the angle of the seat on the miter saw and cut the piece.
We got the chairs snugged together with the front edge of the seats nice and straight with each other, then fastened our first pallet board. We used a pneumatic stapler for this.

Theresa's pallet ideas reimagine the world's most boring chair as hers and his benches.
Because pallet boards come in all sizes–even from the same pallet–we trimmed some to keep seams in-line. The first step is to mark the wide board. I just put it up to its mate and made a little mark. Installing the thinner board first is easier.

Trace the angle of the seat on the first piece.
Then, we cut it on the table saw. Be very careful not to cut nails.

Rip boards on the table saw to make them the same width---or at least fairly close.
With the top on, trace the seat angle around from the bottom to the top of the chair bench. Then mark a line between the first piece (cut above) and the end piece. I used a leftover pallet board.

Marking the cut line.
I used my jigsaw to cut the edge. Tip: Pallet wood is usually hard or heat-treated. Don’t force the saw. Slow and steady wins the race.

It's easier to cut a straight line when you cut all the pieces at once.
Theresa installed filler pieces in the back. We used the miter saw and table saw to make these.

pneumatic stapler to fasten the seating.
A wire brush is awesome for grating and gouging an getting dirty old pallet boards ready for paint or finish. You can use it to scrub the cut-ends too. A perfect tool for pallets.

Best-ever paint-prep for pallet ideas and projects ---wire brush!
To get some burs and really gnarly spots, Theresa turned to her mighty multi-tool. We use these all the time.

To knock down some high spots and other things, Theresa turned to her mighty 5-in-1 painter's multi-tool.
For the Hers chairs, Theresa thought painting them first would be easier, and she was right. For the Hers bench we used Glidden Diamond interior paint + primer. Theresa chose Red Red Rose—her taste in color is awesome and I am lucky.

Glidden Diamond interior paint + primer. Theresa chose Red Red Rose
For the His bench, Theresa chose Glidden Diamond paint + primer in Emerald Leaf in eggshell. It was my idea to put the pallet wood on first and paint it second. It was a little harder, but not really a big deal.

Glidden Diamond paint + primer in Emerald Leaf in eggshell.
As good with a needle as she is with color chips or a paint brush, Theresa fashioned some colorful cushions on the fly. Note: I totally could have done that if I wanted to. It would only take me five years or so…

Theresa sewing cushions for benches
After Glidden paint and pallets upcycle benches
This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.