May 17th, 2016

Neutral Paint Colors That Help Sell a Home


As homeowners, it’s fun to personalize our interiors with bright or bold colors, but when putting a home on the market for sale, it is a good idea to tone down any hues that are too vibrant and replace them with neutral paint colors that will appeal to the general public. Recently I received this inquiry from a reader, which posed the perfect question on choosing paint colors for a refresh when considering the resale of your home:

“My husband and I are planning on putting our home on the market soon and I was wondering if you could suggest your favorite neutral paint colors. While I love my colorful home (lots of yellows, greens, teals and bright blues) I do realize that we have quite a bit of neutralizing to do before we move. Can you mix greys and tans, or is it better to stick with one (tan or grey) and just go with different shades?” —Kris

I visited my local Walmart to collect a few of my favorite Glidden paint swatches that are great go-to neutral paint colors. They work well in community spaces like kitchens and living rooms, and also look lovely in more personal spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. To answer Kris’ first question: yes, you can mix greys and tans and even neutrals that lean blue or green using separate rooms as a point of transition between colors.

If you’re looking for neutrals that lean more towards the beige category consider these favorites depicted below: Natural Wicker, Cappuccino White and Parchment White. All three are very light beiges, each with a subtle brown undertones that add a bit of warmth. They would look beautiful in a big open space like a family room.



I love to use soft greys with a blue or green undertone in bedrooms and bathrooms. These shades of blue grey shown below are soft enough to emit a hint of color but neutral enough to be welcoming to most potential buyers. Consider Quiet Rain, Husky Grey, White Lagoon or Barely Jade (a shade I’ve used multiple times) for your bedrooms and bathrooms.



Soft greens are also appealing in bedrooms, home offices or children’s rooms. Look to muted Soft Meadow, Cool Cucumber (paler and icier) and White Sage as neutrals with a green undertone.


green paint colors

Greys are hugely popular right now but sometimes a pure grey can feel cold. I much prefer a warmer grey, often referred to as taupe. These warm greys are sophisticated, inviting and a brilliant blend of grey and beige: Smooth Stone, Silver Birch, Fossil Grey, Whitecliff Beige and Polished Limestone.



To find even more neutrals perfect for the goal of reselling you home, browse the Grey & Charcoal and Browns & Beige color palettes on And good luck!


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own