My Uniform for Painting Clothes

by Nicole Balch on December 10th, 2013


When I was a teenager, I worked as a house painter. I wore the standard uniform of white painter’s pants, a white tee with the company’s name on the back, and a white cap. It wasn’t the most flattering look, but hey, it was a uniform.


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Now as an adult, and one who paints rooms in her home on a pretty regular basis, I have a different sort of uniform for painting clothes. Comfy pants like sweats or yoga pants are a must, along with a soft, short sleeve t-shirt. If I’m feeling plucky, maybe a bandanna, though I usually just go without any head cover and hope that I don’t get paint in my hair. I feel reasonably put together, in a casual working outfit kind of way, and more importantly, I can move and stretch easily.


Images: 1, 2, 3

I sacrifice one pair of pants and an old shirt to the painting powers that be, and then don’t worry about drips. If I have to wipe up an errant drop of paint, I do so with my finger and just wipe the paint off on my pants instead of running to find a paper towel or rag.

My painting pants are, as you may guess, a good history of all the rooms I’ve done! I have painted in good clothes on occasion, being careful not to get anything on them, but that’s just a combination of laziness (not wanting to find my painting clothes and change) and eagerness (let’s get started NOW!). Be ye not so foolish.


Image: Making it Lovely

Do you have a go-to set of painting clothes? Or do you wing it with whatever you’ve got lying around the house, and hope for no paint mishaps?

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