May 13th, 2014

3 Big Myths About Choosing the Right Paint Color

Choosing the right paint color can feel like daunting task, but by avoiding these few simple pitfalls, you can make confident choices that you will love for years to come—without the stress.

Myth #1: There is one “perfect” color

Believing that there is just one right shade of the many you have to choose from would overwhelm anyone. The reality is that for every space there are many, many colors that would look beautiful. So instead of feeling like you are cutting the red wire in MacGyver just seconds before the explosion, imagine yourself at a fabulous restaurant where there are many delicious dishes to choose from—a little of that pressure is immediately lifted. Choosing the right paint color is a lot easier when you realize you have a much greater likelihood of hitting the target. If necessary, repeat this mantra: “there is no perfect color, there is no perfect color…”

Myth #2: Paint first

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you should paint before you move in, or before you’ve made a single decor choice, with the idea that all of your later choices will flow from that. WRONG! The reality is that paint is your friend and you will never again have so much flexibility in anything you select for your home. Make a few key choices up front (like the sofa and large furniture) and then choose a paint color that works well with them. Or if you already have a few of those large pieces you intend to keep, create a mental inspiration board and select your wall colors based on those pieces. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Myth #3: Browse the paint aisle

When you have a space to tackle and you aren’t sure what color to choose, most people head to the paint aisle to browse the chips. It’s extremely tempting to make that your very first step and I’ve fallen into this pitfall many a time, but going without a plan can spell trouble. Instead, make a few mental selections of where you want to focus your attention, decide on the maximum number of samples you’d like to try and then stick to the plan. You’ll be able to spend your time there with purpose and leave with mission accomplished.

I have been sponsored by the Glidden® brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.