July 24th, 2013

Simple Summer Decor

I’m one of those people who likes to refresh my home with the seasons, and my summer decor is an example of that philosophy. I don’t believe in going out and buying all new furniture, instead I “shop my house” and pull out meaningful favorites that were tucked away for fall and winter. It can be fun to accessorize with a few new throw pillows and accessories when your budget permits, but summer decor doesn’t have to be about buying new things or a major design overhaul. It’s about opening up the windows and doors, letting the fresh breeze blow through, bringing seasonal colors and plants inside, and swapping out heavier decor for accents that are light, bright, and airy—the feelings we associate with the summer season.


Decorating a room in layers of white will keep it feeling fresh, whether you choose painted furniture or paler pillows and accessories. Consider natural textures as a way to layer creams and whites around your home. Sisal rugs and woven baskets give an organic touch to any room. Opt for shell-like finishes and branches such as birch or driftwood to bring the feel of a beach vacation indoors.




Summer doesn’t just mean white and light, it also means bright. Bring colorful pillows and accents out into the spotlight in whatever palette appeals to you. Blues and greens are reminiscent of the beach, oranges and pinks are reminders of vivid sunsets and fruity beverages, and yellow is a happy hue as warm as sunshine.



Since summer is the outdoor season, no bright color is off limits! Which colors inspire you? Verdant greens, ocean blues, saturated pinks, sunny yellows? Pick a few and repeat those hues in your outdoor seating areas. Go bold and paint a backdrop an intense shade of minty green or keep it simple with outdoor throw pillows in a medley of patterns.


The only rules that apply to summer decor are to make sure the colors and accessories chosen reflect you, your personality, and your lifestyle. Enjoy the season!