A Dining Room Fit for Entertaining

I just love to host parties, so when we were looking for a new house, a large dining room space was a must. Not so easy to find in my neck of the woods—Brooklyn, NY. As luck would have it, we ended up changing the configuration of our house to accommodate a large open kitchen and dining space where two bedrooms used to be, which worked out just perfectly.




Once the renovation was underway, the inevitable question of color came up. How to keep the palette warm without being restrictive? How best to get the shade right so it worked with the adjoining open spaces?



I knew I’d be decorating in here for holidays so picking a bolder color was going to be limiting. What to do? I bucked the advice I tend to give out about not painting walls white by using a palette of several different whites on the various surfaces to create more texture and visual interest. Doing that made white walls a lot less flat and perfect for my entertaining needs.