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Diane Henkler decorated her first home using tricks from her work in the display trade. She wrote a book called Instant Decorating and now shares her decorating ideas on her blog, InMyOwnStyle.com.

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My Kids’ Bathroom Gets a Makeover

When I first moved into my house, my daughters were little and the bathroom was painted “builder beige.” They were 4 and 6 years old at the time.   Soon… Read more »

May 10th, 2012

How To Paint an Interior Door

Freshly-painted doors and trim can make a huge difference in bringing your home’s color scheme together. I know this for a fact since I have been living with two different… Read more »

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April 19th, 2012

Favorite Way to Choose a Color Scheme

There are many ways to choose a color scheme for a room. One of the most common is to pull colors from fabric or furnishings. I have done this myself… Read more »

Categories: Bedrooms, Color, Inspiration, Planning Your Project

March 28th, 2012

Tips and Tricks & Dealing With Disasters

I have painted quite a lot of rooms and pieces of furniture over my years of transforming houses and painting retail display walls. During this time I have picked up… Read more »

Categories: How to Paint, Painting Tips, Planning Your Project

February 15th, 2012

Painting Over a Long Weekend

Need to paint a room or two? Do you keep putting it off because you have never done it or would rather go to the dentist than have to get… Read more »

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January 19th, 2012

Paint Color and Sheen 101

No note taking required for this class and there won’t be a test at the end either—just some color and sheen basics that will boost your paint buying confidence.  … Read more »

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December 16th, 2011

Creating a Painting Plan for the New Year

A businessperson would never embark on a major project without developing a detailed plan of action. This plan helps them understand the overall effort that will be required and also… Read more »

Categories: Getting Started, How to Paint, Planning Your Project

December 6th, 2011

Creating the Perfect Color Scheme

As a decorator the one thing that most homeowners have asked my help with is choosing their colors. No decision seems to strike greater fear for them—besides having to pay… Read more »

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November 7th, 2011

Meet Diane

I love all things creative, colorful and DIY. It is just the way my brain is wired. I can’t add 2 + 2 to save my life, but can help you… Read more »

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