December 13th, 2012

Decorating a Low Ceiling Basement

My husband claimed this as “his space” so we both knew there would be no bright colors or frou-frou allowed. He wanted cool colors and dark, manly furnishings. Harumph.



So instead of fighting the space, we are embracing it. It was never going to look large and airy, so we leaned into the cozy factor. A cool silvery blue was chosen for the walls—not too dark (to avoid turning this space into a black hole), but not light enough to make it feel like a child’s room.


A word to the wise: blues can be a very tough color to pick. What looks great on the swatch could be smurfy on the walls—testing is key!



Next came a large L-shaped sofa in a deep navy color for comfort. Navy can be a great neutral in the right setting and I think it does that here. Some dark wood pieces for storage and display went in next. Then a zigzag geometric rug to outline the living space. Finally, I snuck in a little bit of a sparkle in a marble-topped coffee table before accessorizing with a large vintage map.



As far as we have gotten here, it needs a bit more personality to really finish it off. I don’t think my husband would care if we never changed a thing, but I know it has a little more go to before I can call it finished. Thankfully the color scheme works for both of us now and it’s a great place to snuggle up to watch a movie or have some friends over to watch a game.

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