November 3rd, 2016

How to Use Tangerine Paint in Various Decorating Styles


As a University of Texas alum and the daughter of a University of Tennessee alum, I have long joked that I have orange in my blood. But when faced with incorporating orange into my decor, I always felt a bit stuck. Orange is really, well, orange! But now that it looks like orange, and specifically tangerine paint and accessories are in the decor world to stay for a while, I have begun to explore how to use bold colors in different types of decorating styles.

When I think about tangerine paint, my mind immediately goes to the Mid-century Modern style.


Tangerine Paint - Mid-Century Modern

Image via TheModernArtShop


Orange paint, like Glidden Jack O Lantern, looks great on both walls and accents in this decorating style. Many vintage furniture pieces like lamps and clocks can still be found in this popular hue, so it really lends itself to be easily incorporated into Mid-century Modern styles. Within this decorating style, I really like the tangerine, white, and dark brown color scheme with gold accents. Shades of blue are also frequently paired with tangerine as you will see in several of the other decorating styles that we will discuss below.

If you have more of a traditional decorating style, you can also incorporate orange pieces into your decor.


Traditional - Tangerine Paint and Accessories

Image via Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design


Many times, traditional decor feels quite heavy with its upholstered furniture, dark molding and intricate wallpaper or drapery patterns. Adding a pop of color in a bright hue like these chairs that are similar to Glidden Pumpkin Patch will brighten up a heavy room. Even though orange is not used in the wallpaper of this unique dining room, the warm color is a great accent against the cool jade backdrop of the wallpaper.

A contemporary decorating style can also look great in shades of orange.


Contemporary - Tangerine Paint

Image via


This contemporary living area features an orange accent wall similar to Glidden Fresh Tangerines next to crisp white walls. The tangerine accent wall is mirrored by a piece of orange artwork above the white leather sectional sofa and by the orange chairs on the loft’s balcony. This homeowner was able to ground his or her choice of tangerine paint by pairing it with the other neutral, clean colors in the room like white and grey. Four tangerine walls would overwhelm, but one accent wall is just right.

For a warmer vibe, try adding orange to a coastal decorating style.


Coastal - Tangerine Paint and Accessories

Image via Colordrunk Designs


This beautiful room uses orange similar to Glidden Fresh Tangerine as an accent color paired with soft Robin’s Egg Blue walls. As you can see, the decorator repeated the color pattern in the breakfast nook in the background. Mixing a bold color with soft and neutral colors allows the bold color to take over the space without it being overwhelming.


Farmhouse- Tangerine Paint

Image via Midwest Living


These bar stools have been painted in a fiery orange hue, which are in direct contrast to the all-over white of the rest of the kitchen. A bold accent color, such as this one, is my favorite way to see the farmhouse decorating style. It keeps the room from being too bland and cookie cutter. Instead, this bright color brings dimension and depth to what would be an otherwise stark kitchen.

When you figure out the right way to use orange in your decorating style, it’s not as scary! If you are scared to go too bold, start with a few throw pillows and lamps. From there, you can add upholstered or painted pieces of furniture. And then when you are really feeling adventurous, try a wall. Eventually, you may have orange in your blood, too!

This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.