March 4th, 2013

Use Bold Colors in Your Office to Inspire Productivity

If you’ve read my blog or contributions here at My Colortopia, there’s no secret that I’m a sucker for bold colors. From a dark gray in my living room to a smoky turquoise in my dining room, I love nothing more than being wowed by a great color.

Over the years, decorators have opined that certain rooms in your home should incorporate colors that evoke a particular feel: bedrooms should have soft, relaxing colors, and kitchens should have happy, warm colors. So for ages, we’ve believed that our bedrooms should be beige and our kitchens should be yellow. I have a different view on color, and generally choose whatever moves me, whether it’s recommended by traditional decorators or not.

When it came time to decorate my home office, I decided that stimulating, bold colors would be much more inspiring to me than the more neutral office tones you traditionally see. I selected a beautiful shade of an almost Air Force Blue and worked from there.

Bold color doesn’t have to stop with just the paint on the walls. I added my collection of vintage dog-themed paint-by-number paintings to the wall opposite my desk. They bring a lot of happiness and life to the room.

I chose to bring bold colors into the my office through textiles, too. I picked up the vivid yellow throw blanket at a discount home retailer and the bright green, overdyed rug was ordered from an online retailer.

Even my accessories got in on the action. My favorite is the blue and green marbleized vintage lamp I found at a thrift store years ago. I didn’t have a place for it at the time, but I knew that I would eventually find the perfect spot for it.

Regardless of your color palette, think about upping the saturation level of some of the colors you are considering. I’ve found that using bold colors in my home office has kept me on task, motivated, and more productive. I’m partial to palettes featuring blues and greens, but any combination of bold colors can work beautifully. They may even have the added value of helping you clear some of the cobwebs from your mind as they have mine!

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