July 18th, 2014

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets - The Inspired Room

I’ve always loved the look of two-tone kitchen cabinets. I’ve remodeled two kitchens in the past ten years, and both times I opted for mixing cabinet colors or using a combintation of wood and painted cabinets. Kitchens can be a little sterile and predictable, so I find the mix to be an affordable way to add more interest!

Two tone kitchen cabinets white islandThere are various ways to achieve the look of two-tone kitchen cabinets. In my recent kitchen remodel, I decided to go with a deeper, darker color on the lower cabinets and white on the uppers. I also gave my island a two-toned look by using white to contrast the lower cabinets.

white and wood two toned kitchen cabinets

In my previous kitchen, I installed our cooktop in a wood cabinet to break up the sea of white cabinets. It gave the kitchen a great focal point.

Another fun idea is to paint an island with a fresh contrasting color to break up the monotony of one cabinet finish. The beauty of repainting just the island is you can get the look of a whole new kitchen with a lot less work. It is much less expensive than repainting an entire kitchen, too!

Traditionally with two-toned kitchen cabinets, the darker color is on the lower cabinets or island, and the lighter color is on the uppers. But another creative option might be to highlight a featured or freestanding cabinet with a contrasting or complementary color.

There are many ways to break up the monotony of kitchen cabinets, but I think painting two-toned kitchen cabinets is the easiest way to make a kitchen feel more custom.

For more kitchen paint inspiration and images of two-toned kitchens, you can see a gallery of kitchen ideas on my blog and follow my kitchen inspiration boards on Pinterest.

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