The Right Neutral for My Dining Room

by Ana White on January 2nd, 2013


I have been working hard on our dining room—the ultimate goal being beauty and functionality. A space that you love to be in, and that you love to use.



I started by building a storage dining table with fold down leaves. This way we can store more in our tiny dining space, and expand when guests join us for dinner.


But the little storage underneath the table wasn’t quite enough for our family. There were still piles of things that had no home in the corners: craft supplies, a sewing machine, a box of apples, cases of empty mason jars waiting for next year’s harvest. We needed more storage.


And the blank wall needed some styling and interest. Something.



So my husband and I built a couple of wall cabinets.


I dreaded painting them, the wood was so beautiful.


But since they’re so close to the wood kitchen cabinets, I felt we needed to either match the wood kitchen cabinets or contrast with them. A slightly different wood tone and grain would compete.


So I decided to paint the cabinets white, like the table.


I’d considered every other color out there, and with our open floor plan, I knew this wall system must be a neutral. Black was too dark.


But my husband was really resisting the white. He suggested grey.


Grey, I thought. Of course!



Grey it is!


We brought white accents inside the cabinet to lighten it up, but found that the grey goes with just about any color.



So changing things up for the season or bringing in “in” colors is just a matter of changing out a few accessories.


We chose a medium smoky grey, opting for an unsaturated satin. I was surprised to find the iron hardware more complimentary to the grey than nickel or stainless.


We love the grey so much. It is neutral without being blah; it is modern without being overly dramatic; it is fresh without being stark. Grey was the perfect color for our dining room banquet wall.

Categories: Color, Dining Rooms


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