July 26th, 2016

Summer Colors: Havana Style Edition


Cuba appears to be the ‘in’ place to see and recently my partner had the amazing opportunity to visit this colorful island. Besides an array of wonderful stories about his travels, he brought the most amazing pictures from every corner of Havana.

What struck me the most was the vibrant summer colors in every one of his shots. From brights hues to pastels, the Caribbean capital overflows with gorgeous color palettes worthy of inspiration.

Here are a few that caught my eye.


Bright yellow and greens


Warm and calm

Vendors are part of the everyday Havana streetscapes. Their rustic, makeshift carts are adorned with fresh fruits and vegetables that create stunning tropical palettes. Summer colors like Lemon Lime Fizz, Seamist Green and Misty Emerald Lake make a wonderful combo that will add a hint of Havana style to any kitchen.


Pastel greens and grey


Soft and elegant

My partner was really impressed by the beautiful mix of architecture in Havana. From Spanish colonial to neoclassical facades, the buildings seem to be frozen in time. Although a vast number of dwellings seem to be in ruins, many are being restored to their original glory, and Havana’s architecture is bringing back color in a big way, paying homage to Cuban culture and history. For example, take a look at the soft, elegant tones like Drifting Snow, Bluegrass White and Washed Teal that adorn this colonnade in Havana.


Blues and Stone


Blue notes

A bit of color can go a long way. The blue trim around these balcony doors beautifully sets off the deep blue details in the stained windows. This contrasting palette of Antique White, Blue Note and Deep Sapphire Blue is a perfect trio to add a touch of coolness.


Coral and stone


Bold and beautiful

No matter condition the buildings of Havana are in, there is always something beautiful to look at. Whether it’s intricate wood work or traces of old paint, beauty is everywhere in the city.

What stands out to me most is that Cubans are not afraid of color. When it comes to their homes, they come up with some interesting color combinations. Marshmallow White, Beautiful Bisque and Fresh Salmon make a bold statement for this entrance, don’t you think?

Happy painting!


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