April 23rd, 2013

Spring Color Palettes Inspired by Nature

After the long, snow-white winter, the one thing we all crave more than anything is spring color. The branches begin to bud and bulbs bloom into hyacinths, daffodils, and Lily of the Valley. Spring botanticals offer the perfect opportunity to take a cue from nature and bring those hues into your home in a variety of ways.

Tulips are yet another flower that fill the home with a breath of fresh air and bring a welcome dose of spring in shades from yellow to purple. Consider placing the flowers in vessels of complementary colors, like these coral blooms placed in aqua glass vases.

Paint Colors: Robins Egg, Watermelon Smoothie, Spanish Olive

The farmer’s market is a perfect place to seek inspiration in natural palettes; ranunculus in both pale and vivid hues add rich color when brought indoors.

Paint Colors: Blooming Fuchsia, Early Morning Sun, Deep Coral

Look past the flowers to the produce: spring lettuces, vegetables, and fruits are yet another example of how nature never gets spring color wrong.

Paint Colors: Sunbaked Orange, New Grass Green, Red Rose Bouquet

Easter is a holiday that celebrates the arrival of spring; welcome it with bright pastels that take their cue from cheerful tulips and elegant hydrangeas.

Paint Colors: Steel Blue, Fresh Pineapple, Safari Green

Your local nursery will recieve packs of annuals for early plantings in the garden. Brightly-hued flowers in warm and bright shades bring gorgeous color to your pots on the patio and porch, as do the cooler tones of purple blooms.

Paint Colors: Orange Marmalade, Very Berry, Refreshing Mimosa

Paint Colors: Regal Purple, Moonlight Grey, Blooming Fuchsia

There’s no need to hire a professional designer or have any decorating experience when you look to nature to inspire the color choices in your home—the work has already been done for you! Simply study the way that fresh botanicals and produce wear their colors, and then follow their lead.

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