June 8th, 2016

Small Room Ideas From a Manhattan Designer


Living in a small space can be tough—and decorating even more so. But, in all honesty, living in Manhattan has taught me that a little creativity can go a long way to make any space look absolutely amazing.

If you want to make your space feel a little bit bigger, try these tips, tricks and small room ideas that I’ve learned over the years.


Use color to define space


Use color to define spaces.

One challenge of decorating small spaces, especially studio apartments, is defining the space. A wonderful and easy way to divide areas is through the use of color on the walls. Highlighting a wall with an accent color like Charcoal Coast will visually divide areas within the room. That’s exactly what I did in this small studio apartment to define the dining area.

Vary your storage options.
I’ve come to the realization that there is never too much storage space—even more so in smaller spaces. One secret I’ve found that works great is combining open and closed storage solutions in the same space (like the credenza and tall shelving unit in the picture above).


Using furniture with legs makes any room airier.


Use furniture with legs.
Stay away from using bulky furniture as it will make the space look smaller. Besides, furniture with legs will make a small space feel open and airy.


Use double duty furniture in small spaces


Make furniture work for you.
You need to be selective when choosing furniture for smaller rooms. Try to source double-duty furniture to make the most of your space. For instance, placing a bed sideways against the wall will save you space and will also serve as a comfy seating piece during the day. I also used the color blocking trick to define the sleeping area in thi studio. In this case I chose Light Sage to create a focal point behind the bed.


Make every single inch count


Make every single inch count.
You don’t need to fill your small space with clutter, but whenever possible, take advantage of unused spaces like window sills to create fun vignettes. This little trick will create the optical illusion of more room and give you extra decorating space.

I hope these small room ideas will help you tackle your next decorating project in not-so-big spaces. Happy decorating!


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