April 29th, 2016

Popular White Paint Colors to Try


White paint for walls is very on-trend this year. White is a classic that goes with everything and allows other colors in the room to really pop. It’s no longer a color reserved for rental spaces and trim.

When it comes to deciding on a shade, many people think that white is the easiest color to choose—they see a can labeled “white” and think their search is over. But finding the right white can be trickier than it seems. White, just like any color, comes in many tints and shades.

Instead of reaching for the premade can labeled “white”which in most cases will be a cool white with blue undertones—take a minute to look at the custom color chips along the wall. You’ll be suprised by the variations. One will be your perfect white.

White can be categorized into three shades: bright whites, warm whites and soft whites

To achieve the perfect white for the walls and furniture in your home, take a minute to look at the available paint chips to find which tone works best for you. Finding a clean, pure white means finding one that is neither too cool (blue undertone) nor too warm (yellow undertone). Pick up a few paint chips to take home. I suggest even picking up a few that you don’t think will look good. You’ll never know until you tape them to your walls to see how the color looks in the light of your home. This is when you can better see if it’s going to look too cool or warm. Narrow down your choices by removing chips that look off until you’re left with one that looks the best—this will be the perfect white for your walls.

Here are a few of my favorite white paint colors:

Popular White Paint colors - Dove White by Glidden

Dove White is a white that has no yellow undertones to it. In the light of my house, this looks the closest to pure white.

Popular white paint color - Marshmallow White

Marshmallow White is a soft white that can look slightly pink in certain light.

Raindrop White by Glidden

Raindrop White is the most grey of my choices. It looks very hip and trendy, and pops more against white molding than other cooler whites.

Popular White Paint color Swan White

Swan White has a hint of warmth that works well in both cool and warm color palettes.

Popular White Paitn colors White on White

White On White is a soft white that has a hint of yellow in it. I think it looks best in a room with lots of natural light.

Popular White Paint color Nova White

Nova White is a bright white that’s crisp and clear. It looks best when paired with cool colors like blue and green.

A few tips when painting a room with a white paint color:

  • To make white walls stand out, accent them with a brightly painted piece of furniture or consider painting an accent wall in a bold color.
  • When using all white on walls and trim, add a high contrast between the walls and molding. Paint the walls in a flat or eggshell sheen and the trim/molding/doors in semi-gloss or gloss. The sheen difference will add the needed contrast that’ll make the room look vibrant.

I’ve shared my favorite white paint colors with you, but Glidden has over 20 white paint colors to choose from. One will be right for you. Check out the full online color palette to see all the shades in action, along with the color family they match with best.


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.

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