Pink? In The Living Room?

Of course! Why not think pink? It isn’t a conventional choice, but it’s one that works well for me and my family. And yes, my husband is fine with it.


I knew I wanted a light color for the living room. There is a porch out front, and a large mature tree also casts a huge shadow over the house, so our old bungalow doesn’t get much natural light. The walls were already white when we moved into the house, but it felt plain.



A neutral beige, taupe, or gray each would have been fine choices, but I wanted something a little more fun. I’ve long loved pink, and it just felt like the right choice. Five years later, I’m still happy with the wall color! I kept it from getting too girly by using bold patterns in more saturated hues like vivid orange and mustard yellow.



Would you try pink in a main living space of your home? It’s a great option, and I’d love to see more people give it a try.