February 24th, 2012

Pick a Palette, Any Palette

Much like people, homes can have personalities and stereotypes. Just as you might expect a New York socialite to wear black or a Texan cowboy to wear denim, certain styles of homes can sometimes suggest a color scheme. While there is definitely no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ color to use in your own home, sometimes it can help you decide what color suits you by having a starting point.


With that in mind, here are a few suggested palettes for 4 of my favorite architectural styles.


Craftsman: This style of home is known for emphasizing the natural beauty and line of craftsmanship rather than lots of ornate details so naturally the color scheme would be warm, woodsy and neutral. Palette: Walnut Bark; Clay Bisque; Pebble Grey; Cameo Stone


Federal: A home built in this solid and symmetrical style benefits from some lovely contrasts and pops of color. Palette: Shaded FernVanilla Shake; Cranberry Zing; Rich Navy


Second Empire: Few architectural styles make my heart pitter-patter more than this one thanks to a signature mansard roof and other more subtle French elements. Who wouldn’t want a bit of Paris in their home? Palette: Blue Grey Slate; Crisp Autumn Leaves; Gold Coast White; Pink Petal White


Queen Anne: Also known as the Victorian, this was one of the first styles of American homes where ornate details were brought to the masses and bright colors setting them off became standard. Instead of the traditional pastel color scheme, I always love a Victorian that quietly sings its beauty rather than shouting it. Palette: Dark Eucalyptus Leaf; Dove White; Seal Grey; Swan White


Do you have a color scheme that worked particularly well with your home?