December 5th, 2016

Painting soffits and other necessary evils

Struggling to decide how to paint soffits, uneven ceilings and other necessary evils in your home? Use a few tricks of the trade to make your paint selection easier.

High ceilings, open rooms and uncomplicated design is everyone’s goal but we live in real houses that sometime come in less than perfect packages. If you are face with a necessary but somewhat unsightly structure or surface to paint, how do you handle it? Well the name of the game is usually to paint it so that it blends as much as possible in the background. You don’t want to draw the eye to something less than attractive. But how exactly? I follow these few guidelines to make it easier on myself.

Let’s start with the easiest suggestion. Soffits that jut out from a vertical wall generally get the same color paint as the wall itself. Paint the whole thing the same color and the soffit won’t stand out as much as if you had painted it the ceiling color or a different color altogether. Same goes for structural supports or posts. I often see these painted white to match the molding but you are better off painting it the same color as the wall if you want the posts to be less noticeable.

Where it gets a little more tricky is when your ceilings are low and uneven. In this example we painted the vertical wall soffits the same color as the wall but then uneven ceilings all the same flat white. The only exception was a small area over the doorway where we carried the color to another section of wall because of how it curved. While not as ideal as a box shaped room, we’ve treated those extra surfaces in such a way to make them receed once furniture and accessories are loaded in.

Soffits and Uneven Ceilings

Following those simple tricks will make your next painting project involving soffits and other less attractive features a breeze!


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.