My Little Blue Room

Generally I’m a big fan of using neutral wall colors in living spaces, because they create calm and welcoming environments where you can unwind—essentially the perfect escape for most homeowners. Naturally, my own home is full of neutral shades because I’m drawn to them.


That holds true for everywhere but one space—my home office. I wanted to give this room a vibrant personality and an energy that was conducive to working. Since the room was on the small side, there wasn’t a lot of space to do that with layout or furnishing, so choosing the right paint color was even more critical.



As with every shade of paint I pick out, I spent a lot of time thinking it over and finally went with a color that always seems to make me happy: aqua blue. It’s hard not to smile when you see a little blue box, or a vibrant turquoise dress. I thought: Why not bring that same energy into my office?



It’s been five years since I painted this color and I still love shutting the door and spending time in here.



Color suggestions: Robin’s Egg, Deepest Aqua, Teal Lake

Categories: Color, Offices