May 12th, 2016

Make a Statement With Your Ceiling


Mixing bold and neutral colors might seem like an impossible task when deciding on paint, but the answer to this eternal struggle is as easy as throwing a bold coat of paint on your ceiling.

It’s called the “fifth wall” for a reason but it’s so often ignored.

Despite the prevalence of white and light, there are many benefits to painting your ceiling a dark, moody shade. Painting anything dark may feel like a risk—but it’s definitely one worth making.

I’m going to talk about black ceilings in particular, but these tips apply to other dark shades too— like Rich Navy and Charcoal Coast. Let’s talk about why dark ceilings can be your secret weapon.

1. Highlight your space.
Let’s get this one out of the way. Dark ceilings don’t necessarily make a room look smaller. The old adage of the little black dress being slimming has been distorted to give the impression that anything painted black looks smaller. It’s simply not true. In fact, dark ceilings can sometimes make your ceiling look farther away, giving the impression of more space. Take that urban legend!

2. Add visual interest to an otherwise plain room.
As you can see, this room is painted stark white without a lot of visually interesting elements but the black draws the eye around the room and gives the whole space an added interest that would be completely lacking if I had gone with a white ceiling. There is no easier or cheaper way to add visual interest than with a bold coat of color.

3. Draw attention to architectural elements and fixtures.
Even small elements like ceiling medallions and crown molding that would otherwise be lost against white stand out against the inky black.

4. Hide a multitude of sins.
Ceiling paint of any shade is intentionally the flattest finish to avoid seeing any small imperfections. Very dark colors do an even better job of hiding those little details as they absorb the light better than a light shade.

5. Be dramatic without even trying.
Every room needs a little drama and going bold on the fifth wall accomplishes that with very little time and effort.

6. Tie in your color scheme.
This is a great way to incorporate fabrics and other elements you plan to use in the room without going all the way with wall color. By using the same shade above as you use for accents, your eye will naturally move around the room and the whole look will be more cohesive.
Have I brought you over to my dark side? Give it a try and you’ll love it. Deep Onyx, Forest Black and Charcoal Coast are all great colors to use on a ceiling.

This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.