Looking for Baby Room Ideas

by Nicole Balch on July 10th, 2014


My third baby is due soon, which means I get to work on my third nursery! I’ve been on the lookout for baby room ideas, as I’m looking to do something a little different this time.

In our first home, my husband and I had a spare bedroom that we set up as a guest room. It was small, but had just enough room for a dresser, a small table and chair, and a twin-sized bed (which opened up to convert into a double). The walls were painted in a lovely grey/beige, and a vivid blood orange color was used to great effect.

Guest Room by Making it Lovely

When my daughter was born, the guest room became her nursery. The original paint color was such a great neutral though, that I kept the walls the same and simply changed the color scheme through fabrics and accessories.


And of course, since that worked out so well, I did the same thing when my son was born a couple years later. Same neutral paint color, and even mostly the same furniture, but different fabrics and accessories.


Now that we’re expecting baby number three, we’ve moved on to a new home. Even if we were still in our first house though, it’s probably time for a change! If you’re looking for baby room ideas and would like a nice neutral, similar to what worked for our first two nurseries and the guest room, the following choices would all be excellent candidates.

Glidden Neutral Greys and Beiges

As for us, I’m not sure what direction I’ll be going in yet. Part of me wants to go for a dark, sophisticated color, but then I also think about how much fun a lively, happy color could be. What would you do?


I have been sponsored by the Glidden® brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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