November 15th, 2016

Inspiration and Wall Colors for a Home Office Makeover


Greige Taupe - Office Makeover - House Beautiful

Image via House Beautiful

Wall color to try: Candlestick Silver


If you work from home you might be in need of a little inspiration. A office makeover might be just what you need to reach your goals and accomplish your tasks! A dedicated home office (or even a corner of a room to call your own!) with the right color palette can help you to focus, feel more efficient or inspire you to go to work.

The style of your home office should reflect your personality, so the color palette you choose should be personal, too. While you might find studies online that will tell you what color will inspire productivity, what really matters when it comes to your office makeover is that YOU feel inspired to be there. You might feel energized by color or more focused in a neutral space.

Consider the following questions:

What do you hope to accomplish in a home office makeover?

How do you want to feel when you are in your newly refreshed office?

Make a list of words that describe your currrent work space as well as what your dream office would feel like. Look at your lists and then study the images in this post.

What inspiration photos most closely match the mood you hope to achieve?


Office Makeover Paint Color Ideas Image via BHG

Image via BHG

Wall color to try: Lavender Cloud


Home Office Makeover Color Ideas image via BHG

Image via BHG

Wall color to try: Rich Navy


Home Office Makeover - Color Ideas - image via BHG

Image via BHG
Wall color to try: Swan White


Soft green wall paint home office

Image via BHG

Wall color to try: Misty Evening Silver


My best advice is to not play it safe when it comes to your home office wall color. Don’t fear a color that is outside the box or a new look for you! Look at the inspiration rooms to see which wall colors draw you in. Are they bold? Soft? Neutral? In all likelihood, if you have a positive reaction a wall color, you’ll find yourself more inspired to be in your home office and even enjoy your work.

What wall color might inspire you to reach your professional goals?


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