December 30th, 2015

Glidden 2016 Color of the Year: Cappuccino White

Photo via Flickr: pocius


Meet the Glidden 2016 Color of the Year: Cappuccino White.


Cappuccino White
This color is a calm and creamy neutral that pairs well with other delicate colors to create a warm, peaceful color palette. I think of it as the color of the foam on top of a delicious cappuccino. It’s actually a color that you find in many places without really looking for it.

Like a tiered ivory wedding gown.


wedding dress
Photo via Flickr: playingwithpsp

Ripples in a drift of sand.


Photo via Flickr: acme

Or aging paper.


Photo via Flickr: usnationalarchives

Cappuccino White is a lightly tinted neutral that will give your room a hint of warmth. I love the thought of a room with many layered neutrals, like Cappuccino White, Swan White and Antique White. A friend of mine, Marianne at Songbird, decorates beautifully with layered shades of white in her very own Industrial Coastal Cottage style, and I think this Color of the Year would be one that she would love.

If your style lends itself to bolder colors, Cappuccino White will work with them too. A deep brown with purple undertones, like Deep Raspberry Shadow, would look gorgeous with it. Even something really unexpected, like Cozy Melon or Artichoke Leaf, would be great accent colors.

From your ceilings to your walls to your trim, consider adding a dash of Cappuccino White if you are in the process of updating a room in your home. Even though this is the 2016 Color of the Year, it has lasting, timeless appeal.


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