July 15th, 2016

Get Inspired by These Pretty Front Door Colors


Pretty front door colors and tidy landscapes make homes feel so much more inviting. And a careful selection of colors for the exterior of your home can add curb appeal and potentially increase the perceived value of your home. Even if you don’t love the shape and style of your front door, a fresh coat of paint can bring personality to an otherwise lackluster door.

The hue you choose can help transform the mood of a home from one that feels serious to one that evokes a playful vibe or vice versa! Fortunately, painting a front door is relatively easy for the novice DIYer. Giving your front door a new look could be a great weekend project…once you know what color you want!

yellow door

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens



Yellow Paint Colors

Yellow front door colors to try: Sunspot, Lemon Lime Fizz & Spicy Banana Pepper


In order to choose an appropriate color for your front door, you’ll want to take into account several significant factors: the style of your home, the landscaping and the general location of your home. All of these factors can help you decide what the best color choices might be.

It’s especially important to coordinate your door color with any architectural features like stone, brick or trim as well as the colors featured on your exterior. Each element within view will impact the front door color and can affect the overall look of the home, so make sure you’ve assessed your color palette as a whole prior to painting the door. Check out these pretty front doors for some inspiration!


Front Doors Colors Navy Glidden

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens


Blue Paint Colors

Blue front door colors to try: Creamy Blueberry, Deep Blue Shadow & Rich Navy


Light Blue Front Door via The Inspired Room

Photo via The Inspired Room

Teal Paint Colors

Teal front door colors to try: Washed Teal, Trattoria Teal & Sea Spray


Red Front Door Color Glidden Paint

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens


Red Paint Colors


Red front door colors to try: Red Geranium, Cherry Red & Red Delicious


Front Door Colors Ideas

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens


White Paint Colors

White front door colors to try: Marshmallow White, Nova White & Swan White

Have fun picking out paint colors for your front door!

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