August 4th, 2016

Falling in Love with the Color Red in Paris


Ah, Paris…

The City of Lights is one of those dream destinations that every one should visit at least once in their lifetime. The color red can be seen around every corner in Paris: on doorways, awnings, in cafes and even iconic landmarks. Red is the color of love so it’s no wonder the French embrace it! If you want a vivid red, similar to the color of the French flag, try Red Geranium.


velvet chairs

Many Parisian cafes layer their tables with red, but also notice the depth of reds that surround this popular cafe’s entrance. You’ll find a similar color in Red Delicious, lovely for an exterior and especially an entry door.


paris cafe

Around the city, you’ll spy tall doorways that lead to interior courtyards enjoyed by residents. This stunning entry features a beautiful hue of red, one you’ll find in Candy Apple—and notice how beautifully it pairs with brass.



There’s one landmark that can’t be ignored, the famous Moulin Rouge near Montmartre in the Pigalle district of Paris and the birthplace of the can-can dance. You’ll find that Cherry Red captures the same spirit!


moulin rouge

Travel is one of the best ways to gather inspiration for your next artistic endeavor or home improvement projects. And Paris is filled with vivid hues from all parts of the color spectrum, but one that certainly stands out is the color red! It’s easy to see why Paris is a favorite destination for travelers all over the world. Let us all cheer “Bon voyage!”


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