April 25th, 2012

Drawing Inspiration From Unlikely Places

As most designers will tell you, there are endless sources of inspiration to draw from when picking a color palette. The best gift you can give yourself while working on your home is believing that there isn’t an empirical right or wrong way to go—you simply have to find the direction that makes you happiest.


So what better way to be inspired than to go to your own personal happy places? Whether I am in my own hometown or traveling to a far-off locale, I tend to seek out a certain kind of special place. I find these stops to be an amazing source of inspiration for all kinds of creative pursuits. Where exactly is this magical treasure trove of inspiration? Junk shops, flea markets and antique stores of all kinds!


Under a layer of dirt or a stack of boxes, you can find the most amazing ideas. Sometimes I find direct inspiration, like spotting the perfect pale vintage green for the bathroom, and sometimes it’s more of a stretch of the imagination. Even without purchasing a thing, you can leave with a myriad of ideas that you can apply at home.


Above are some of my favorite run-ins with color along with a possible paint suggestion.

Categories: Color, Inspiration