November 28th, 2016

How to Decorate With a Monochromatic Color Scheme


Decorating with a monochromatic palette is in vogue!. But before I even start diving into the ins and outs for this decorating trend, there is a big misconception that needs to be addressed: although the word monochromatic means “containing or using only one color”, a monochromatic palette actually allows you use different tonalities or shades of the color of your choice. By the way, neutrals like earthtones and greys are a perfect for this look. For some, the idea of decorating with variations of the same hue might sound boring and dull but in all honesty a monochromatic palette can be elegant and make your home look super chic.

Although this concept seems simple and may sound easier thank you think, I would like to give you a couple of tips that will guarantee you a big win.


From dark to light, greys are beautiful neutrals


It’s important to think of contrast when selecting your tones. Ideally, you would pick between three to four different tonalities of the color of your choice with enough light and dark variations in order to have a balanced color palette . For instance, I chose four very distinct greys (Charcoal Coast, Winter Sky Grey, Misty Evening Silver and Skater’s Pond) in one of my latest project to create a soothing yet contrasting look.


A monochromatic color palette is elegant and chic


Once you’ve identified your palette, it’s time to start having fun. Pull the whole look together by incorporating different textures and patterns in your space. You can play around with accessories like curtains, area rugs and pillows to unify the look and add interest to the room. Another advantage of having a monochromatic palette is that it gives your the perfect canvas to display your artwork collection.


A grey color palette is soothing to the eye


Grey is ideal for bedrooms for its calming quality


Have I sold you yet on this hot trend yet? If you’re not a fan of too much color, a monochromatic color palate might be the look for you. Happy decorating!


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