August 24th, 2016

Create a Homey Environment Using Neutral Colors

One of my favorite aspects of traveling, besides the obvious R&R, is staying in cool hotels—especially now that lodging has become so trendy. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to stay at the very stylish 1 Hotel in South Beach while on a business trip to The Magic City. The second I stepped into the lofty lobby, I was blown away by the gorgeous and very zen interiors with a unifying palette of neutral colors. Right then and there I knew I was in for a treat.


Natural materials add warmth to a room


Every single space of the hotel was even more gorgeous than the next. This living room, for instance, is the epitome of tranquility. I love how the mix of natural shapes and materials go together with a beautiful palette of soft whites, like White on White and Toasted White, to create an inviting space to chill in.


Light tones are soothing


The lobby of the hotel has a variety of perfectly-arranged living spaces where guests can kick back and enjoy cocktails from the nearby bar…at least that’s what I did for the two nights I stayed there. It was hard to resist the comfy oversize furniture, a staple of the hotel decor. From the window dressing to the shaggy wool rugs, each vignette was beautifully decorated with tone-on-tone palettes of neutral colors. This calm ambiance can be easily recreated with Swan White, Canyon Echo and Silver Cloud.


Soft materials will make a bedroom super cozy


The rooms, besides being larger than average, are detailed to perfection for a great night’s sleep. Their use of cowhide rugs and furry sheepskins hit the mark to soften the look and feel of the bedrooms. A restraint color palette was mostly used on the hard materials like wall tiles and furniture, while an array of whites and creams were used in the linens and softer accessories.


Pillows are great for layering colors


Love, love, love how they weren’t afraid to mix and match warm and cool neutral tones in their decor to make it more interesting. Layering the throw pillows on the couch not only elevated the comfort level but softened the look and gave it a more casual and inviting feel.

Overall, the hotel has a unique loungy vibe that’s hard to find in other places, and the decor is key to making it feel so dreamy. It’s perfectly balanced mix of neutral tones and soft and hard textures entices all the senses and makes you feel right at home.


Photos ©TheDesignerPad

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