October 13th, 2016

Create the Happiest Room on Earth with Disney Paint Colors


Guess what?! Glidden created an exclusive line of Disney paint colors inspired by the many characters that we love. I know Disney characters have helped get me through some rough times as a parent. Mickey and company were long time favorites of my kids while I was guzzling down coffee each morning. Winnie the Pooh helped me manage my kids’ energy levels by asking if they were feeling like Tigger or Eeyore. And most importantly, Lightning McQueen was the only one who could hold my two-year-old son’s attention when he was battling a long, viral illness.

I actually cried tears of joy the first time I got to meet Lightning McQueen because of how he helped us through that illness. Zack was absolutely unfazed.

Don’t laugh! Parenting is hard!

Laughs aside, I know Disney holds a special place in the hearts of many families, that’s why I was so thrilled when I heard the news about the color collaboration. And just as expected, the Disney paint colors have the most amazing names ever.


Mickey Disney Paint Colors


The great thing about the Disney-themed paint line is the colors are completely usable in a home’s color palette. Look at the image above, you can see that Mickey’s shorts are a bright, saturated red. That red is fabulous for a cartoon character, but not so great when you are trying to incorporate it into your decor. So instead of going for an exact match, Glidden and Disney chose a red that’s more muted than Mickey’s actual shorts. The same thing goes for the blackest black used on Mickey’s ears. Jet black can easily feel stark and cold, but the muted black in Mouse Ears feels immensely more usable.

My favorite Disney color scheme is found in the Monster’s University color palette. I would love to see Sleepover Scare or Furry Fear used as accent walls next to Excellent Pupil with a bed painted in Green Growl.


Monsters University Paint Colors


I think the lesson is that Disney and Glidden are teaching us here is your decor and color palette can be inspired by things that make you happy: memorable vacations, beautiful landscapes or favorite Disney characters. However, those colors don’t have to be as bright and saturated as the real thing.

As in the above examples, we get the feel of Mickey and Pluto or Mike and Sully with the color selections — even though they aren’t the same super-saturated colors as the original characters. Choose paint colors that remind you of your favorite things instead of feeling that you must match those colors exactly. Keeping that little tip in mind is sure to make decorating your children’s rooms much easier.

Glidden Disney paint colors will help parents create the happiest room on Earth.

Which Disney Collection is your favorite?


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