December 1st, 2016

Color Palettes to Consider For Kitchens


Did you know you can update your kitchen without having to gut it or spend thousands on new cabinets, counter tops, and new appliances? All you need is a little paint to update it. Check out these colors and color palettes to inspire you to pick up a paint brush and color your kitchen to fit your lifestyle.

Soft and NeutralNeutral color palette


Image via BHG

Soft neutral colors create a warm and inviting space that everyone will feel comfortable in.

Consider using: Shell White 45YY 83/094 accented with Swan White 98YY 82/022 and Garden Path 30GY 31/202


Dark & Moody

dark and moody kitchens

Image via House Beautiful

Choosing a dark color for a kitchen will add drama and impact. It takes some guts to go this bold. One of the best reasons to go with a dark color scheme is that it can hide a multitude of architectural problems in a space.

Consider using: Deep Forest Pine 30GG 09/106 accented with


Traditional Warmth

dark and moody kitchen colors

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Mixing wood tones with antique green is a classic color scheme, one that will never go out of style.

Consider using: Wyeth’s Field 30GY 28/155 accented with Dusty Gold 40YY 49/408 and Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000


Black & White and Chic All Over

black and white kitchen

Image via House Beautiful

Nothing says sophistication more than a black and white color scheme. Accented with metallic gold or silver makes it look ultra chic.

Consider using: Deep Onyx 00NN 07/000 in a gloss finish.


Bright and Airy

bright and airy kitchen

Image via BHG

Consider using: Marshmallow White 30YY 83/012

When white is used throughout a room, use various sheens around the space to add interest. High gloss looks the best on trim and satin on the cabinets. The difference in sheen will create interest even though you are using only white. Another nice feature of a mostly white kitchen is that it will go with any color scheme or holiday decor you add to the room. For instance, replace the pink flowers on the island with any other color flower or table linens and they automatically will coordinate.


Bold Modernmodern kitchen color palettes


Image via BHG

When considering color palettes for your kitchen you don’t always have to use more than one color. One color can be very dramatic and looks very fresh and modern. Try using one bright or bold color to create color accents throughout the room on the cabinetry and dining table.

Consider using: Pumpkin Patch 70YR 30/651 and Swan White 98YY 82/022

What color scheme would you choose to update your kitchen?


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